How I overcame binge eating

This post is super personal. But I hope it reaches and connects with some of you who may have similar experiences. (:

I've had a loooong history of binge eating. It started back in middle school when I was bullied for being overweight. I would not eat during school, then come home and eat everything in the kitchen. This lasted all through high school. When I got to college, the urge to binge decreased a little bit. But there were still some times when all I could think about was food. I would walk to the vending machine, ride to the grocery store, stop at fast food places, spend sometimes $40 on just junk food, sneak back to my dorm room, and pig out by myself. Then the next day, I would do everything I could to make up for all I ate the night before. I would wear baggy clothes to the gym, kill myself doing cardio, not eat, chug water, etc... Does this relate to anyone? If so, keep reading to learn how I finally overcame the urge to binge.

I've been binge eating, and yo-yo dieting on and off for at least the past 8 years. And just NOW am I finally breaking my urge to binge. How did I do it? Reverse dieting. The right way.

Reverse dieting is gradually adding calories to your daily intake, while decreasing cardio. It is meant to fix your metabolism, and turn your body into a fat burning machine. However, it is a long and strategic process. In order to minimize gaining body fat, your metabolism needs time to adapt by making slow changes, instead of just bumping your calories up and cutting out cardio over night. I have been seriously reverse dieting for almost 6 months now. I have increased my calories by almost 1000 calories a day, and have actually LOST weight. I am now maintaining my weight, while still adding in more calories every week.

It may be scary eating so many calories. Years ago, I could never imagine eating 2400 calories a day and being ok with it. I would eat 1800 calories at the most, and I thought that was a lot. Once I got past the mindset that "girls are supposed to eat low calories", I made unbelievable progress.

Ever since increasing my calories, I have LOST fat while GAINING muscle. Now that my calories are at a 2400 a day, I have not been losing or gaining weight. I've been maintaining while increasing calories. Meaning, I've been eating more every week and not gaining any weight. Instead, i've been building muscle, killing my workouts, feeling happy and healthier, and most importantly, I DONT binge eat.

On the days I do eat a lot, I don't feel guilty anymore. I can eat a lot in front of people and feel totally ok with it. I don't want to cry after eating. I don't feel worthless anymore. I don't feel ugly. I've beaten binge eating, and I finally feel "normal" when it comes to eating.

Adding in calories, in addition to weight training, will make you look BETTER. The number on the scale might not reflect that at first. Reverse dieting takes a lot of patience and trusting the process. It will help you gain muscle and lose inches. Eating more calories will help your metabolism to grow faster and to be able to burn fat more efficiently.

Girls, guys, it doesn't matter. If you struggle with binge eating, let me help you overcome this struggle. I know exactly how you are feeling. I want to help. <3 Email me with any questions you may have! Ive posted some pictures below of my own progress with reverse dieting over the years (:

Your Coach, Natalie

Years ago. Restricting calories, and binging 3-4x a week. Doing cardio almost every day to make up for binging the night before. Calories at 1600 max.

Binging got worse. Restricting and cutting calories actually made me gain SO much weight. I was still trying to eat around 1600 calories a day, but I was binging almost every day.

A few months ago. Started taking reverse dieting seriously. Was still binging when my calories were lower, but maybe only 1-2x a week.

Present. Calories at 2400 a day. Practically NO binges, barely any cardio. Maybe I indulge 1-2x a MONTH. But feelings of guilt are gone, confidence is up, and I am stronger and leaner than ever.