My Favorite Back Exercises

These are my favorite muscle building back exercises! TUT (time under tension) is the key to muscle building and faster gains. Meaning, perform these exercises slowly, and really focus on the squeeze and contraction. That will benefit the most! And message me with any questions (:

1. Pull-ups

They target multiple important muscle groups in your upper body. They also work grip strength, and increase your heart rate. Add these into your back workout, or super-set them with another exercise. They can be assisted with either a pull-up/dip machine or a band.

2. Close-Grip Pull-downs

I would highly recommend doing pull-ups over the standard wide-grip pull-downs. That's why I chose close-grip pull-downs as the second exercise. Having a close neutral grip allows for a longer range of motion, and increased muscle TUT (muscle time under tension), which is awesome for muscle building.

3. Seated row

The seated row is another exercise that works basically your entire back. It also hits some shoulder, and bicep muscles. I do them with a v-bar attachment, straight bar, wide grip, and a rope. There are tons of variations!

4. T-bar row

You can add on so much more weight to a T-bar row compared to other types of rows. I would do this exercise toward the front part of my workout, and really focus on the stretch and contraction of the muscles.

5. 1-Arm Dumbbell Row

Training unilaterally (one side at a time) will provide a greater range of motion, and will allow you to really focus on each muscle. I would do these towards the end of my workout because it helps support your lower back by placing a hand on a bench.

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Your Coach, Natalie