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Macro tracking 101 ebook

Macros made easy for sustainable results

- 70+ page Ebook 

- explanation of macros and calories

- how to use MyFitnessPal

- equations and step by step instructions on how to calculate your own calorie and macro needs based on your goals (fat loss or muscle building)

- how to track your progress and make calorie adjustments when needed

- how to track foods and drinks when dining out

- list of macro friendly fast food options, recipes, and shopping lists

- diet hacks, and macro tracking strategies to help you stay consistent!

Best for those who wish to learn how and when to use macros and flexible dieting to achieve their health and physique goals. Learn how to eat the foods you enjoy (guilt-free), overcome setbacks, and never feel stuck, restricted, or confused with your nutrition again!

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Membership options

Body By Natalie

Month to month or pay in full (6 or 12 months)​

Macro coaching only, or macros and workout programming

3-5 days a week (depending on your subscription)

Workouts ~60min each

6 or 12 month progressive strength and hypertrophy programs

Start when you sign up

Weekly 1:1 check ins on Trainerize

Cancel anytime

One on One Coaching

Month to month or pay in full (12 months)​

Customized workout programming and weekly macro coaching

Up to 6 days in the gym (depending on your schedule)

Individualized programming based on the following:

- dieting history

- metabolism assessment

- reverse diet / fat loss

- time availability

- access to equipment

- lifestyle preferences and needs


Weekly 1:1 check ins on Trainerize

24/7 direct text access to me for any questions

12 month commitment

8 week Diet and body remodel challenge

8 Weeks of online workout and macro coaching

Access to challenge and workouts on Trainerize app

2 x 4 week workout splits / 5 days a week, with at home option

Biweekly 1:1 check ins 

6 live coaching calls with me to learn about various training and nutrition topics

Opportunity to win prizes!

Challenge runs only 1-2x a year!