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Macro Tracking 

101 Ebook

Macros made easy for sustainable results

without relying on calorie calculators or restrictive diets.

You ready to finally get clear on your macros? 

To know how much you should be eating for your goals, track macros the right way, and hop of the yo-yo dieting train for good

without the stress or confusion.

Imagine if...

You were losing fat without ever restricting foods or carbs again.

You never stressed about eating certain foods or dining out ruining your progress.

You didn't have to rely on calorie calculators or guessing what macros are "right".

You stopped with the low calorie fad diets, and lost weight through eating more food.

You made your macros and diet fit your lifestyle so you can stay consistent.


All of this is possible!

Here's the problem...

Nutrition feels hard, doesn't it? It shouldn't be. But because of the myths, fad diets, and conflicting information that is spread around the internet, knowing who to trust or what to follow can be confusing. 


How much should you be eating to lose weight? What should you eat? How long should a cut even last? What the heck are macros and why should you follow them? Are carbs bad? How do I stay on track when I'm eating out? Should you bulk instead?


And if you feel the same way...dude, I FEEL you. That was me. But I promise, your diet and nutrition does not have to be as hard as you think.

Yo, I'm Natalie.


I created this Macro 101 Ebook because I know the struggle of jumping from diet to diet, restricting foods, and having a horrible time dieting without any results to show for it. For 10 years, I attempted to eat low calories, cut carbs, follow detoxes and fad diets, and basically starve myself, yet could never lose any weight. Something would "work" for a little bit, but I gained the weight back as soon as I stopped. I was binging several times a week, even tracking macros for years, but I was still stuck in diet culture mindset. I was scared of foods, felt shame and guilt around my diet, and was totally lost. I knew there had to be an easier, simpler way.


I decided to research, learn, and test the science and truth behind sustainable fat loss, and how to use macros to find food freedom, stop my binging, and ultimately achieve the body and lifestyle I was striving for all those years. My mission is to help other yoyo dieters end their dieting frustrations, lose weight sustainably, and love their body and foods so they can live in FREEDOM instead of restriction ever again.

Check out what people are sayin':

I always relied on TDEE calculators and my own calculations to determine my macros and it never worked. With the Macro Ebook, I learned proper macro distribution to support my physique and training goals, consistency, and redistribution of macros to sustain progress. The book provides a real life “hands on” application, which is crucial!

- Maria

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"I always had trouble figuring out my calculations for my specific body. With the Macro Ebook, I learned how to exactly calculate my macros and adjust them as I make progress or transitioned between fat loss and muscle building phases. I’ve learned to stop saying screw it and giving up and binging all out. That is the worst thing I can do for myself. I can now indulge in moderation, and if there’s a slip up, IT IS OKAY.​"

- Lauren

What's included?

80 page nutrition ebook on its own or with a 1:1 Macro Audit with me for feedback and guidance on your calculations and plan.


The ebook includes:

- what are macros and the importance of them

- how to calculate calories and macros for fat loss, reverse diet, and muscle building

- how to use macros to stop binge eating and overcome plateaus

- how long you should cut, bulk, or stay at maintenance

- guidance on how to transition between phases

how fast should you be losing or gaining weight

- tracking your progress

- nutrition timing

- calorie cycling

- using and calculating diet breaks and refeeds

- supplements to take

- basics energy balance and metabolism, and how it changes when you diet

- tracking foods and alcohol when eating out

- grocery shopping lists

and MORE

BONUS 1:1 Macro Audit Add-on:

Get your macro calculations checked personally by ME. We will schedule a 30min 1:1 coaching session where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your macros, diet, reverse diet, and nutrition plan. Together we will come up with a course of action for you to follow so you know that you are on the right track. Plus 2 weeks of additional access to me!

More Macro Ebook love:

I’ve been consistent with my workouts but needed major work with the nutrition side. Instagram taught me a fair amount and I would just Google different diet trends. But I always struggled with my macros and making sure they were correct. Now, I’ve learned to trust the process and not to beat myself up forgoing over my numbers one day. I know I can really eat anything I want with no restrictions, I just have to plan for it!

- Jennifer

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In the past, I've done everything from carb cycling to keto. Then I had some success on my own working with a nutrition coach and eating according to what my goals were. But learning more about macros appealed to me. I used to overthink them way too much and tried to log them perfectly. Coach Nat’s knowledge and tips have helped so much, and was super motivating. I don't feel guilty eating what I want now and realize that I don't have to restrict myself.

- Kim

Before the ebook, I would just follow a lot of people on Instagram and use random calorie calculators. But now I know my exact macros and how to calculate them! I no longer feel guilty of what I am eating. If it fits my macros, it doesn’t matter if it’s a salad, burger, or whatever. And I learned how to have refeed days, how to cycle calories if I pass my calories for the day, and how long to wait to change macros to see results.

- Paola

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