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Grow your glutes, shrink your waist, and get hella strong doing it!

Who's this for?

Big booties are the craze now, am I right? Ladies of every fitness level are looking to build bigger glutes and achieve a smaller waistline - myself included!

And sorry to say, it takes a lot more than kickbacks, a booty band, and random Instagram workouts to grow your glutes.

Want to look better in your jeans?

Fill out your leggings a little bit more?

Create shape and an hour glass figure?

You need the right programming!

And that's exactly why I created these Build and Burn FitGuides.


So that no matter what fitness level you're at, you can have the exact workout blueprint you need in order to have your legs growing quickly and feel confident as hell in your tight clothes and summer outfits!

Here's a quick rundown: 👇🏼

Phase 1 is a 12-week workout program designed for beginners, in order to increase strength, build overall muscle mass, and get back on a consistent gym schedule.

Phases 2 and 3 are both 12-week long workout programs that emphasize glutes training! Lower body is trained 3x a week, and targeted from every angle to help you activate, strengthen, and shape your glutes!

These guides were created for anyone looking to either get back in the gym or who are serious about leveling up their training, increasing strength, and achieving their best physique yet.

You don't need 1:1 coaching, but you do need a program that you trust. And one that is laid out for you to follow on your own, and not feel stuck or confused with what workouts you should be doing.

Whether you're a beginner, or have prior training experience, these guides will have you building a booty and hitting new PR's in the gym in NO time!

"I love having a plan because it keeps me accountable and it helps me know what workouts to do in the gym, so I'm not just walking or on the elliptical. I have a hard time knowing where to start and this guide take away that hurdle!"

- Megan

Master the Basics

Increase strength, build muscle mass, and improve exercise form.

Gain Confidence

Feel like a bad ass every time you step into the gym, have your clothes fitting better, and love the process!

Get Results

Accelerate your results by following a tried, tested, and proved workout program designed to grow your glutes and shrink your waist!

What's included?

Each Phase comes with 12 weeks of workouts aimed to increase strength and build muscle mass based on your current fitness level.

Workouts are given in a downloadable google doc with a *weight progress tracker.

100+ coaching and exercise demo videos

Private FB community to share wins, ask questions, get form checks, and any further support you may need!

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 8.41.33 PM.png


*keep track of your strength progress!


Downloadable 20+ page E-book including:

- How to progress through the workouts and each phase for further assistance.

- Explanations of important exercise terms and details.

- ⭐️ Macro and nutritional guide with equations and step by step instructions to calculate your own macros and calories for your goals (fat loss or muscle building).

Need help finding the right program?

Choose Your Starting Phase


Phase 1 Beginner

This Phase is best for those just starting in the gym or have some past training experience, but have been inconsistent with their workouts, and would like to follow a structured plan to ease back into it.


It is the first "Build" part of the Build + Burn program. It has less exercise variety to allow for greater skill and strength progression on the basics and main compound lifts. 


Each training block has you progressively applying greater load (heavier weights) in order for you to increase strength, lift more weight, and ultimately build more muscle and drive greater fat loss in the long haul!


This Phase sets you up perfectly to complete the second and third Phases of the program.

12 weeks of workouts, 3 to 4 days a week.

Phase 2 Intermediate

This Phase is best for those who have been training seriously for less than 1 year, or after completing Phase 1.


It is also included as the "Build" part of the Build + Burn program. The volume is increased, and more training variety and frequency are added in order to build up lagging muscle groups in the lower body.


12 weeks of workouts, with a 4 day a week split (2 lower and 2 upper body days), and an additional 5th accessory day to focus on glute building.


This Phase sets you up perfectly to complete the third Phase of the program.


Phase 3 Advanced

This Phase is to be completed only AFTER Phases 1+2 or if you have at least 1-2 years of training seriously in the gym.


This is the "Burn" part of the Build + Burn program. Volume and intensity are progressively increased through adding more advanced rep schemes, bodybuilding techniques, and exercises. With more volume, there is greater energy output, promoting more fat loss as you maintain strength!


If you like to throw around some heavy weight, and require a little bit of extra work in order to keep making progress, this Phase is for you!


It will have you feeling like an absolute BOSS in the gym, and a burn like never before!

12 weeks of workouts, 5 days a week. With 2 upper body days and 3 lower body days, it'll have your legs growing quickly!

Hold up!

Want all 3?

Build+Burn Bundle

Go from beginner to BOSS in 36 weeks by grabbing all 3 workout phases!

Bundle together and save over $30!

What They Say

"The FitGuide is clear, concise and direct. It is well written, easy to follow, and an absolute must-have for a beginner AND someone like me...trying to work all these things out without having to be forever “needing” a coach! This guide is like a coach at-the-ready for basic reminders and lessons on how to manage macros and programming.


I am excited to be able to help myself by successful".


- Maria


"I would definitely recommend the FitGuide! I love that the workouts have extra focus on the glutes! The split between lower and upper body days are great. Most of the workouts I can finish in a reasonable amount of time at the gym too which is nice with a busy schedule.


Everything is broken down super simple, but still with enough information that you feel like you can be confident and proud in what you're doing".

Lost 7lbs and increased by hips by 2 inches (booty gains)!

- Kenzie

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