find your perfect fit-life blend.


Master the art of macro tracking and flexible dieting so you can eat what you want, when you want, and still make progress. 

You Ready?

What's included?

Weekly macro and calorie breakdowns based on your progress and needs. Daily nutrition monitoring and accountability via MyFitnessPal and Trainerize is included.

Weekly customized workouts based on your schedule, availability, and current fitness level. At home or gym workouts given, or a mix of both.

Weekly check-ins with me to assess your progress, make adjustments as needed, receive feedback on your week, and educate you along with explaining the next steps.

24/7 contact and support via text and Trainerize comments to be available for you anytime, anywhere.

You can wait to see if you figure it out on your own, or you can accelerate your transformation NOW

(without the stress or confusion).


This you?

You are new to macro tracking and want to learn the best methods to lose weight without restricting again.

You are familiar with macros but have had no luck following them on your own.

You want an efficient and effective workout program that you can follow step by step.

You are ready to stop wasting time, and get the guidance, support, and accountability you need to fix your diet, end the confusion, and achieve healthy, sustainable, fat loss results.

but You don't want...

your time, money, or energy being wasted.

to feel confused, stagnant, or unsupported.

another "quick fix program" that never lasts.

"I was afraid to eat certain foods, thinking they would ruin my progress. But now I can fit any food I want into my diet, and stop restricting.

I didn’t feel like I was in a basic program that everyone sees on Instagram.

I took away a lot of knowledge and I feel confident in making progress on my own with what I’ve learned!"

- Ashley


Results you can expect


so you can lose weight and keep it off for good



lose weight without sacrificing booze or your favorite foods


eat more to break through plateaus, and lose weight on higher calories



lose fat and build muscle at the same time


without starving yourself or spending hours in the gym

Starting at $200+ a month

Natalie-5652 2.JPG

create your perfect 

fit-life blend so that you...

break free from dieting and restricting,

are confident in your body and lifestyle choices,

and never feel stuck in your progress again.

What you'll get:

Full diet audit and assessment 

Weekly training program

Weekly customized macro and calorie goals

App access for workout videos + calendar, nutrition monitoring, and tracking progress

One-on-one detailed weekly checkins to assess progress and make changes

24/7 direct access to me for training and/or nutrition emergencies 

Copy of macro 101 recipes_edited.jpg


Macro Tracking 101 Ebook: A 50+ page detailed guide to macro tracking and flexible dieting ($100 value).

Your tool box of macro strategies and diet hacks to keep for life.

Starting at $200+ a month



There has been a lot of ups and downs in this journey and she has helped me though every single one.

So far I've lost 50 pounds working with Natalie. The workouts pushed me further than I could have ever imagined. They’re so much fun and bring life to the gym!

Natalie is the most supportive, patient, and kind coach I could have asked for. She’s brilliant and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. She knows the complicated science behind it and uses it to help you. She has never given up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

Whenever I need advice or need to text her - she's there!

- Jenny

At 51, I was in a 35 year cycle of restrict-binge eating patterns. I’ve tried mainstream dieting such as WW, South Beach, etc. I tried self-guided macro counting and was beating myself up for being so inconsistent week-to-week.


For sheer accountability that I knew would help me I took a leap with Natalie. LIFE-CHANGING in terms of body composition, nutrition training, lifting and my overall confidence and outlook on food, exercise and most important to me: knowing how to combat binges and change my coping with them. 


Her coaching and SUPPORT has shown me how to hop off the binging, lose weight AND NEVER restrict again all while hitting PR’s with my lifts. I am amazed at my progress!!!! 

- Maria 

maria 9_18 to 9_19.JPG

I am now 3 jean sizes + 2 shirt sizes down and I haven't felt this great about myself in SO LONG and I owe it all to Natalie! 

I couldn't have asked for a better person to have on this journey to success. I would not be where I am without all of the knowledge she has given me + continues to give me!

- Brittany

Through this program I have learned how to lose weight, and tone my body while eating more, and not having to do loads of cardio, which is amazing!  I have lost a good bit of fat off of my body and have toned up dramatically. My arms and legs are stronger and my clothes fit looser.


Natalie is an excellent coach! I am so thankful and glad that I did this program with her. She has helped my attitude towards food and strength training drastically. Having her there to motivate and encourage me really helped during those weeks when results were hard to see, and I wanted to give up. She kept telling me to keep going and I am so glad we did. She was willing to help me no matter what it took and she had more confidence in the process than I did. 


She was always available and answered all my questions with patience! I'll be sad when I'll have to leave her and do it on my own but I know because of what she's taught me that I'll be ready!


Beyond excited with my progress so far! I'm 6 weeks into the program and my clothes are already fitting better, I’m feeling great, and not feeling as tired everyday. 


 She's shown me it’s okay to not be perfect and that we all mess up sometimes, but it’s about not giving up and getting right back up every time we fall.

Working with Natalie has been the best choice I’ve ever made. She is so helpful with anything I need and she truly cares about her clients. She knows what she's talking about, takes her profession seriously, and it pays off.


I’m so excited to have found something that I believe I can keep up long term and makes me excited to wake up everyday to better myself and give myself a brighter and healthier future.

This program is the best decision I’ve ever made, it makes a healthy lifestyle feel more attainable and enjoyable.

- Katie

Nat really gives it to you no bullshit.


I started the program at very low caloriesand was struggling to lose weight. Over the 12 weeks, she put me in a reverse diet. We upped my calories by 600 and I didn't gain a pound!!


I can't wait to use the tools she's given me to start my cut soon! She’s definitely on your side and doesn’t follow any of the fad diets that cost ton of money. 


She was extremely supportive and I honestly feel like I gained a friend during this process as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and overall an amazing coach! I would highly recommend her training course!

- Sam


I decided to join the program because I was unhappy with my size. I have always been small but recently I have had to be more careful with what I put into my body. My biggest struggle was working 50 hours a week, and finding time to get my workouts and hit my macros consistently.

I now have a better understanding of food portions, I'm more mindful about what I eat, and I get compliments saying that I slimmed down!

I really enjoyed it, and will probably do it again before my wedding!

- Haley


Working with Natalie honestly changed my life and I can’t imagine how reversed my life would have continued the last three months without this program.


I went from not going to the gym and literally bingeing all day every day, to having the best relationship I’ve had with food in years and I’m killing my training! It didn’t happen overnight and Natalie didn’t expect it to, but she knew how to make it happen. 


She started me off slow with only 3 workouts and 1 cardio sessions per week. But each month I got an extra workout per week and then the extra cardio stayed at only 2, 30-45min sessions a week! She kept the workouts different every time and that made it much more interesting and fun to be in the gym. 


My eating was a little shaky in the beginning but I didn’t worry because she never told me that I could or couldn't eat something. She allowed me to eat whatever I wanted as long as I would track it or possibly substitute it for something else. I started to be less hungry and have less wild cravings all the time. My body started to crave healthier and more nutritious foods. 


She’d always monitor my calories and macros. And she increased my protein making my diet perfectly balanced, and that’s when I started to feel my best and notice the most improvements! 


I honestly can’t thank Natalie enough for all of her help and guidance and I was highly impressed with her knowledge and compassion for people!  If I ever hit a bump in the road or get to the point where it’s time to change it up again, she'll be the first person I call! Will definitely be staying in touch!

​- Matt


It's not just weight loss...

it's a full diet, body, and lifestyle remodel.


Is there a start and end date?

Your program will start once we get through the assessment and diet audit process. We shoot for ONE Monday after you sign up. A commitment of at least 6 months is required, and you can resign or cancel after the 6 months are up!

How much support is there?

I will personally answer any and all of your questions within 24 hours. We also have required weekly check-ins, and there as much accountability as you need throughout the week.

Who is this not for?

It is not for people looking for quick fixes or wanting to put in minimal effort. Nor someone who questions whether he or she can make the financial investment in his or her health and fitness. I am just as driven and dedicated toward you reaching your goals as you are. I will always always have your best interest at heart and ensure that you am 100% happy with your results, but I do not tolerate whining, excuses, or complaining. I will only accept those who are passionate, dedicated, and willing to do what it takes to get the best results!

Do I need prior experience with macros or working out?

No. Macro breakdowns and workouts are given based on your current level. I guide you step by step to get you from wherever you are now, to where you want to be.

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