body by natalie

A macro coaching and strength training fitness program for the frustrated dieter who loves the gym but struggles with their diet.

Plans starting at $149/mo

Lose fat, build muscle, and get strong
without forcing yourself into another diet or program you hate.

Imagine if you...

could save hours of your time every single week because you already have your macros and workouts programmed for you?

never broke the bank again with different programs, diets, and supplements that don't work?

followed a program that you can trust knowing that it was created with your specific goals in mind?

looked bomb and strong AF in your clothes, felt confident in your food choices, and never had to restrict or crash diet again?

didn't have to wait another 5 or even 10 years to figure this all out by yourself?

All of this is possible!

Body by natalie is

a 6 to 12 month macro coaching and strength training program made to enhance fat loss and build muscle...


"I went from feeling overweight and unhappy with my body for such a long time to now being happy and healthy.

I can eat what I want and not gain weight, and have finally conquered my scale anxiety.


My progress has been crazy and I'm so obsessed with the BBN method."

- Lauren

Created for

women who love the gym but struggle with
their diet

...and are frustrated with their lack of progress.

What's included?


Macro coaching available for ALL tracking levels! Start with a calorie and protein goal only or get a full breakdown of protein, carbs, and fats.


follow a customized macro plan that fits your dieting needs, preferences, and unique lifestyle to make your diet easy and enjoyable to stick to.

Make your diet work WITH you, not against you.

Custom Calendar

get the exact blueprint you need to achieve your strength and body goals - all laid out for you on your calendar.

No more confusion or overwhelm.


Programs are assigned based on YOUR schedule, fitness level, and goals.


support & accountability

to be able to ask questions and talk the process through with someone you trust.
Never feel left in the dark or doubt yourself again!

If this hits home, then Body By Natalie was made for you...

Untitled design.png

10 Years ago...

started on this long journey. I've been a "big" girl all my life, as the young boys in my school never

failed to point out.


At first I desired to be skinny and just weigh less. But as I got older, I had a desire to be strong and wear cute clothes without a second thought.

I wanted to stop hiding or avoiding pictures, be able to eat what everyone else was eating without having an internal mental battle with myself, and just feel beautiful and happy when I looked in the mirror. 

But no matter how hard I dieted and trained, nothing worked.

The problem was, I had no clue what I was doing. I was following what ever diet or workout program "looked good" on Google or whatever my favorite "fit-fluencer" was doing.

And I was scared to eat.

I tried everything. Low carb/high protein, fasting, juicing, eating "clean", forcing down salads, macro tracking, ran daily (and I HATED running)...

I attempted different shitty templated workout programs, followed different macros goals, bought into different supplements... but they never brought the results I wanted.

I could never stick to the program, developed binge eating patterns, and kept losing and gaining the same weight year after year.

I was fed up with continuously having to "start over" and wasting my time, money, and energy with no results to show for it.

So I quit all that nonsense, and researched, created, and tested my own methods based on 3 pillars of sustainable fat loss and healthy, guilt-free living,

which is what Body By Natalie is all about.

After years of failure following bullshit fitness advice,

I achieved my degree in Exercise Science, and started learning from the real experts.

And I have pieced together all of what I have tried, researched, tested in the past 10 years, so that over the course of this program

you can 

lose fat, build muscle, and live healthy


without feeling forced into another diet or program you hate.

Which means... 

looking bomb and strong AF in your outfits, feeling confident in your food choices, and never having to restrict or crash diet again.


I give you...

body by natalie


Evidence based training programs and macro coaching customized to YOU and for YOU.

No BS, no copy cutter "fitfluencer" programs, just straight science and implementation.

So you can...

live your life how you want to live it, enjoy your foods and nights out, while getting strong and lean in the process.

BBN is for you if...

✶ you want to end the binging and yo-yo dieting cycle for good, and shed fat in a way that's healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable

✶ you would like the ease of having an exact workout program and/or macro goals to follow to fast track your success and stop guessing what's right or wrong

✶ you've fail to hold yourself accountable time and time again, and need extra support and someone to check in with so your ass stays in gear

✶ you are doing the work, been doing the work, and willing to do the work, but it isn't working, and you want to just get it right already 

Results you can expect


without starving yourself or spending hours in the gym



no food restrictions and no more worrying about slip ups 


workout are designed to get you strong and build muscle



through alternating fat loss, reverse diet, and maintenance phases


get the clarity you need to get yourself on the right path to your ideal body and lifestyle

Your options:


Macro Coaching Only

Weekly custom macro breakdowns and adjustments based on progress and preference

Includes fat loss, reverse diet, and maintenance calorie phases

Weekly 1:1 coaching check-ins with me to assess progress and receive feedback

Direct access to me through Trainerize 

Best for:

Someone who needs support and coaching with their nutrition only. You feel confident with your training or you'd like to focus on diet first before training.


You've been tracking macros for a while with no luck on your own and would like more direction, education, and accountability.


Workouts Only

3-5 days per week workouts


- Beginner: full body workouts (3 days a week)

- Intermediate: upper + lower body splits (4-5 days per week)

- Advanced: 4-5 days per week

(chosen after sign-up)

Progressive strength and muscle building phases


- warmup

- sets, reps, and rest periods

- cardio

- weight progress tracker

- weekly comments and feedback from me 

~45-90min per workout

At home options available!

Video demo's linked directly in workouts

Direct access to me through Trainerize 

Best for:

Programs range from beginner to advanced. Whether you have never lifted a barbell in your life or #gymisbae, there is a program for you.


You enjoy lifting heavy (or want to) and desire to increase your strength both in and out of the gym, And you wouldn't mind building strong curves in the process.

Macros and Workouts

The full transformation package:

Everything included in both plans.

Weekly custom macro coaching and breakdowns.

Progressive strength and hypertrophy workout programming.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced


Weekly 1:1 check-ins with me to assess progress.


Direct access to me through Trainerize

Best for:

Someone ready to go all in with their transformation. You've been stressing out, trying to do all this on your own with no success.

You want the full package and are ready to BRING the full package. You want to get clear on how to eat and train for the body and lifestyle you desire!


Give me the stress of telling you what to do, and you just do it.

End the frustration and confusion. It ain't necessary.

What if you could be consistent + enjoy your foods again?

Remove the guilt from eating certain foods, stop restricting, and end your yoyo dieting for good.

Stop letting your weight hold you back from enjoying life.

Never sweat small slip ups because you have the strategies and mindset you need to overcome it.

Open your phone and follow a routine that aligns with your goals, and enhances your progress like never before.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone to get stronger and see physical changes in your body at the same time.

Having this lifestyle be like second nature, and not having your mind consumed around your food choices and body weight.

Finally see and LOVE the results you're getting from the work you're putting in.


You can achieve all of this, inside  Body By Natalie

What's included?

Weekly macro and calorie breakdowns based on your progress, goals, and needs

Workout programming  based on your schedule, availability, and current fitness level. At home or gym workout options.

Weekly check-ins with me to assess your progress, make adjustments as needed, receive feedback, and educate you along with explaining the next steps.

Weekly contact and support via 

Trainerize DM

maria 9_18 to 9_19.JPG

At 51, I was in a 35 year cycle of restrict-binge eating patterns. I’ve tried mainstream dieting such as WW, South Beach, etc. I tried self-guided macro counting and was beating myself up for being so inconsistent week-to-week.


For sheer accountability that I knew would help me I took a leap with Natalie. LIFE-CHANGING in terms of body composition, nutrition training, lifting and my overall confidence and outlook on food, exercise and most important to me: knowing how to combat binges and change my coping with them. 

I loved the weekly macro breakdowns because I didn't understand how to do them on my own. And the weekly accountability check ins because that is what I struggled with most. Coach Nat always had some suggestion or tweak to try something different and it helps so much to be able to talk this process through with someone.


Her coaching and SUPPORT has shown me how to hop off the binging, lose weight AND NEVER restrict again all while hitting PR’s with my lifts. I am amazed at my progress!!!! 

- Maria 

phonto 2.PNG

I decided to join the program because I was unhappy with my size. I have always been small but recently I have had to be more careful with what I put into my body.


My biggest struggle was working 3 jobs, 50 hours a week, and finding time to get my workouts and hit my macros consistently. But working with Natalie, I was able to create a routine and stick to it.


I now have a better understanding of food portions, I'm more mindful about what I eat, and I get compliments saying that I slimmed down!

I really enjoyed it, and will definitely do it again before my wedding!   -Hayley

Beyond excited with my progress so far! My clothes are already fitting better, I’m feeling great, and my energy has increased dramatically!


She's shown me it’s okay to not be perfect and that we all mess up sometimes, but it’s about not giving up and getting right back up every time we fall.

Working with Natalie has been the best choice I’ve ever made. She is so helpful with anything I need and she truly cares about her clients. She knows what she's talking about, takes her profession seriously, and it pays off.


I’m so excited to have found something that I believe I can keep up long term and makes me excited to wake up everyday to better myself and give myself a brighter and healthier future.

This program is the best decision I’ve ever made, it makes a healthy lifestyle feel more attainable and enjoyable.

- Katie

So, we doing this?

 Look,  you're here...

You've made it this far down the page (impressive lol) but that also tells me that this is something you know that you need. You're searching for a program to follow in order to end the stress and confusion with your diet and training.

You've tried to get results on your own, you're not as consistent as you'd like to be, and you know that if you just had a plan to follow, and one that you actually enjoy, it'll make your life a hell of a lot easier.

But you're scared it won't work because what you've tried in the past has failed you and you feel like you should be able to just figure this out on your own.

And I get it...

You're stubborn and a questioner (like me) and have fallen trap to the diet culture mindset. But fear not, there is freedom on the other side of that yo-yo dieting prison.


Most diet and training programs have one goal: to have you lose weight as fast as possible, no matter the consequences.

And a lot of the time, those programs are miserable, hard to follow, and aren't designed with YOU in mind. They end up putting you into an even deeper hole than where you started. And forget about knowing what to do when the diet is up.


You try one method, stop, start again, it doesn't work, and you're back to the drawing board. You want these results so bad and have tried for years on your own with no success.

You just want to be able to lose weight and feel confident in your body without feeling restricted or constantly binging, falling off track, and risk gaining weight back.

When I asked my audience (you guys) if you have ever dieted and lost weight just to gain it all back again, over 90% of you voted YES.

That's why BBN was created. For those who are willing to put in the work, and have put in the work, but it's not working or has proven to be unsustainable. You just want to be able to lose weight without restrictions, find a solution to end your yo-yo dieting cycle, follow a workout program you can trust, and build a healthy lifestyle you don't have to think twice about.

And in order to get there, some direction and consistency is needed.   

That being said... I don't expect 100% adherence and neither should you. I think we can agree that having structure and staying even 80% consistent is far more effective and helpful to your goals than having no plan, winging it, giving up, and spinning your wheels for who knows how long. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't need to be alone in this process.

Take it from Matt.


Lost 45lbs in BBN!

Working with Natalie honestly changed my life and I can’t imagine how reversed my life would have continued without her help.


I went from not going to the gym and literally binging all day every day, to having the best relationship I’ve had with food in years and I’m killing my training!


It didn’t happen overnight and Natalie didn’t expect it to, but she knew how to make it happen. 


She kept the workouts different every time and that made it much more interesting and fun to be in the gym

And I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I would track it and fit it in the calories she gave me. I started to be less hungry and have less wild cravings all the time. My body started to crave healthier and more nutritious foods. 


I honestly can’t thank Natalie enough for all of her help and guidance and I was highly impressed with her knowledge and compassion for people!  If I ever hit a bump in the road or get to the point where it’s time to change it up again, she'll be the first person I call! Will definitely be staying in touch!

​- Matt

More client love


And another 82lbs on his own with the tools he learned.

-127lbs total!


Through this program I have learned how to lose weight, and tone my body while eating more, and not having to do loads of cardio, which is amazing!


I have lost a good bit of fat off of my body and have toned up dramatically. My arms and legs are stronger, my glutes are bigger, and my clothes fit looser.


Natalie is an excellent coach! I am so thankful and glad that I did this program with her. She has helped my attitude towards food and strength training drastically.


Having her there to motivate and encourage me really helped during those weeks when results were hard to see, and I wanted to give up. She kept telling me to keep going and I am so glad we did. She was willing to help me no matter what it took and she had more confidence in the process than I did. 


She was always available and answered all my questions with patience! I'll be sad when I'll have to leave her and do it on my own but I know because of what she's taught me that I'll be ready!   -Carson


Let me tell you, working with Natalie has been LIFE CHANGING!!!

I started with her because I needed help organizing my daily workouts and adjusting my macros to be more customized to my needs and goals. I didn’t realize how important it was to be consistent with my eating and how working out didn’t have to be something I dreaded but something I actually enjoy. Her workouts had me dripping sweat too, and wanting to keep going back everyday!  


I learned that I DO NOT have to be on a fad diet to achieve the goals that I want, and she helped me to work on having a better view of myself by understanding that things won't happen overnight BUT that they will happen!

I am now 3 jean sizes down & 2 sizes down in t-shirts and I haven’t felt this great about myself in SO LONG & I owe it to her!!! I am so thrilled to continue working with her and see what great things can happen!

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have on this journey to success!! I would not be where I am without all of the knowledge she has given me and continues to give!   -Brittany

Nat really gives it to you no bullshit.


I started the program at very low calories, and was struggling to lose weight. Over 12 weeks, she put me in a reverse diet, and we upped my calories by over 600 and I didn't gain a pound!!

I no longer feel restricted with my food choices, and I even started to get leaner on the higher calories!


I can't wait to use the tools she's given me to start my cut soon! She’s definitely on your side and doesn’t follow any of the fad diets that cost ton of money. 


She was extremely supportive and I honestly feel like I gained a friend during this process as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and overall an amazing coach! I would highly recommend her training course!

- Sam

You're questioning, 

is it worth it?

No one likes putting in work with no results to show for it.

You don't see the results you want so you either quit, hop on another program, or stay just stay stuck in victim mode believing you can't do it.

And that's exactly what happens for most people. They live with this mindset that has them thinking that some magic diet or program is what they're missing. And for some reason, they continue to tell themselves: "this time I'll really do it", and it never happens. They live the same lie over and over again. And I know this because that was me.

"Next week  start". "I'll be better on this diet". "So and so said this was the best way so I gotta do it". "I have to just do more cardio". But nothing ever changes. You just keep forcing yourself into empty promises and shitty programs.

And that's why you're here.

You're tired of starting and stopping. You're done with the fad diets and wasting years with no progress to show for your sacrifice.

Well, that ends now.

I know it's scary to trust someone when you've been let down over and over again. But for some reason in your gut, you keep coming back.

You want these results and you won't stop trying until you get there.

End the frustration, and get the consistency and freedom you're searching for inside BBN.

body by natalie


is the only program that will have you eating more, lifting heavy,

and shedding fat...

in a way that has you conquer the binge/restrict cycle, while achieving your aesthetic and strength goals in the process.

Everything included:

  • Account in Trainerize app

  • 6 or 12 month macro coaching and/or strength training programming

  • Fat loss, reverse diet, muscle building, and maintenance phases

  • ~60min lift (not including warmup)

- Beginner : starting at 3 days a week, build overall strength and foundational movement patterns

- Intermediate : 4-5 days a week, upper + lower body split focusing on strength and hypertrophy

- Advanced: 4-5 days a week, focus on lower body development, muscle building, and strength

  • Video demo's linked directly in program

  • Weekly feedback + breakdown of your programming (the WHY)

  • Weekly 1:1 check-ins with me to assess progress

  • Direct access to me through Trainerize

Cancel anytime.

How it works:

  • Sign up at any time

  • Reoccurring payments on the date you paid (except for PIF)

  • Set up profile in Trainerize

  • Macro and/or workout programming assigned within 48 hours.

  • Macro adjustments may be made weekly.

  • Gain access to your workouts every week on app.

  • Receive Trainerize feedback from me, and start on the assigned date.


Here are your choices:



There has been a lot of ups and downs in this journey and she has helped me though every single one.

So far I've lost 50 pounds working with Natalie. The workouts pushed me further than I could have ever imagined. They’re so much fun and bring life to the gym!

Natalie is the most supportive, patient, and kind coach I could have asked for. She’s brilliant and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. She knows the complicated science behind it and uses it to help you. She has never given up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

Whenever I need advice or need to text her - she's there!

- Jenny


Is there a start and end date?​

Once you sign up, we get things started ASAP. You'll get an email explaining all the next steps. You'll also receive an invite to the Trainerize app. Once you accept, you'll be assigned your first macro and/or training plan that Monday. From then on out, your macros are assigned every week based on your progress, and you get access to your workouts every week. 

How much support is there?

You will have access direct access to me through the Trainerize app! I will personally answer any and all of your questions within 48 hours. We also have required 1:1 weekly check-ins to discuss your progress and plan.

What if I want to keep going after the time is up?

Do it! You can resign up, and choose which plan will benefit you next. Continue with the macro coaching only, receive a more advanced training program, etc... Just choose the program you wish participate in!

Do I need prior experience with macros or working out?

You don't need to be advanced by any means, but having at least some experience with tracking calories and lifting would be beneficial. Macro breakdowns and workouts are given based on your current level. Check out my Macro Tracking 101 Ebook if you want to join BBN but need help understanding the basics. -

Highly recommend for beginners.

How do I know which workout program to choose?

When you sign up, we will choose the best program for you together! Programs are created for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees and there are 3 to 5 day splits available depending on your level and availability.

Do you look at videos of my lifts in BBN?

NO. BBN does not include lift analysis. That service Is only for 1 on 1 clients.

How often do the workouts change?

Every week you will get access to your workouts, and the workouts change each phase (every 4 weeks). Your goal is to increase the weight depending on the workouts each week for preparation for the next phase,

but coaching notes will be added and you can ask questions!

Specific workouts and/or weekly modifications to programs are only

given to my 1:1 clients. 

What if I need to cancel?

I get it, life happens! If you need to cancel or change your plan just shoot me an email and we will get you taken care of. No refunds!

Still here??? Let's go!