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Attention frustrated dieters: If you've hit a plateau in your weight loss, can't stay consistent to your macros, OR struggle with losing and gaining the same 10-20lbs...

Get the Exact Macro and Strength Training Methods That Helped Me Lose 65lbs (and keep it off) and Go From 
Overweight and Unhappy in My Body to Toned
and Confident
in Less Than a Year...  

Eating what you want and building a body that reflects your training is now a reality. Prepare for ultimate food freedom, your clothes to fit better than ever and walk into the gym like a BOSS.

THESE are the methods that will help you stay consistent, lose stubborn body fat, and build the body you've been working hard for in and out of the gym.

Even if you've been dieting and plateaued in your progress for years.

Even if you feel like you're already doing everything you can but aren't getting results.

Even if you've hired coaches or tried different programs and calculators in the past and none of it worked.




I'm Natalie.

Coach Nat, M.S Exercise Scientist and Sports Nutritionist.

If you're like me, you love food, you love the gym, and you want to learn how to use food and weights to achieve your strength and body goals.

You're fed up feeling frustrated and confused with your diet and getting no where with your progress. You know that there has to be an easier, more effective, and sustainable way to reach your goals.

But you want a program and coach you can trust. One that understands your goals and needs and you know won't ever leave you feeling lost or restricted. I feel you, and I'm here for you.

Welcome to BBN.

How would your life change if you were able to stop binging, lose stubborn fat, and build a body you love without restricting calories or wasting time?

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not.

After years of back and forth dieting, losing and gaining weight, and countless hours of cardio...

I had enough.

Enough with the restrictions and low calories… Enough with the obsession and frustration with my weight loss… Enough with doubting myself, giving up, and comparing myself to others...

I was SO OVER the whole "on track and off again" cycle and realized I didn’t need those bullshit diets and programs or to force myself to stay at low calories in order to lose weight and be happy with my body.

I decided to totally change my mindset and approach to fat loss because I had to face it… what I had been doing for the last 10 years wasn’t working how I wanted it to do.

HOWEVER, I wasn’t exactly confident in what I was doing. I knew I had to move past the cardio machines, 12-1500 calorie diets, and low carbs, but I didn’t know how to make my macros and training work for me.

So, I invested in macro and training courses, read books, learned the science-based strategies behind sustainable fat loss and muscle building, hell, even got my Bachelor’s in Health Science and now currently getting my Master’s in Exercise Science and Nutrition because learning these new fat loss and training strategies turned into such a passion after seeing my best results on them…

When I first created BBN, it was strictly for fat loss, in fact it was actually called “The Fat Loss Accelerator” and it was a 90 day program hah. Didn’t work out.

But years and thousands of dollars and time invested later, I began to see gaps in the program and where I could improve things from what I had learned and researched.

I started implementing some of what I learned to my own programming as well as 1:1 clients, and started receiving feedback like:

“Before BBN when my macros were lower, I began to hate food and found it hard to even hit 1500 calories. Now, I’m excited to eat, likely due to the fact that I’m allowed more carbs! My mind is clearer and I actually feel happier”.

“I almost always sabotage myself when going out with friends but I didn’t this time. I’m feeling a lot more in control.”

“I didn’t know I could eat this much food and still feel good about my body!” and

“I’ve seen improvements in both body and strength, and I feel so much better about my relationship with food. A lot of clothes no longer fit me and my body looks like a new person is in it from the inside out”. 🥲

It was working and my clients felt better and stronger than ever with their plan and fat loss.

After nearly 5 years of being a fitness and nutrition coach, I have come to see the common needs of MOST frustrated dieters, even if they can’t see it themselves (yet).

And a lot of that came from me spending years stuck in my weight loss, learning from my OWN past mistakes and sucky experiences with dieting.

I went through the struggle and spent years learning, testing, and perfecting these fat loss methods so you don't have to.

I give you...


A macro coaching and strength training membership for the everyday gym junkie who's frustrated with their diet and wants to build muscle, lose fat, and feel confident in their body without the confusion or guesswork.


"I went from feeling overweight and unhappy with my body for such a long time to

now being happy and healthy.

I can eat what I want and not gain weight, and have finally conquered my scale anxiety.


My progress has been crazy and I'm so obsessed with the BBN method."

- Lauren

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"At 51, I was in a 35 year cycle of restrict-binge eating patterns. I’ve tried mainstream dieting such as WW, South Beach, etc. I tried self-guided macro counting and was beating myself up for being so inconsistent week-to-week.


For sheer accountability that I knew would help me I took a leap with Natalie. LIFE-CHANGING in terms of body composition, nutrition training, lifting and my overall confidence and outlook on food, exercise and most important to me: knowing how to combat binges and change my coping with them. 

I loved the weekly macro breakdowns because I didn't understand how to do them on my own. And the weekly accountability check ins because that is what I struggled with most. Coach Nat always had some suggestion or tweak to try something different and it helps so much to be able to talk this process through with someone.


Her coaching and SUPPORT has shown me how to hop off the binging, lose weight AND NEVER restrict again all while hitting PR’s with my lifts. I am amazed at my progress!!!!" 

- Maria 

"Beyond excited with my progress so far! My clothes are already fitting better, I’m feeling great, and my energy has increased dramatically!


She's shown me it’s okay to not be perfect and that we all mess up sometimes, but it’s about not giving up and getting right back up every time we fall.

Working with Natalie has been the best choice I’ve ever made. She is so helpful with anything I need and she truly cares about her clients. She knows what she's talking about, takes her profession seriously, and it pays off.


I’m so excited to have found something that I believe I can keep up long term and makes me excited to wake up everyday to better myself and give myself a brighter and healthier future.

This program is the best decision I’ve ever made, it makes a healthy lifestyle feel more attainable and enjoyable."

- Katie

If you...

➥ have been tracking macros and training on your own for a while now but really have no clue if what you're doing is right for your goals

➥ are plateaued in your progress and want to lose 10-20lbs without starving yourself

➥ feel guilty because you're not making progress or feel like you should have more progress by now


➥ want to end the binging and yo-yo dieting cycle for good, and lose weight in a way that's healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable

➥ would like the ease of having an exact macro plan and workout program to follow to fast track your success and end the frustrations

➥ fail to hold yourself accountable time and time again, and need extra guidance and support



Imagine if you...

broke through fat loss plateaus and enhanced your body and strength like never before

all via eating more food and training 3-5x a week with minimal cardio.

so that

you can lose stubborn fat, build muscle, and finally feel confident in your body without wasting any more time.

which looks like...

feeling good and looking good both in and out of the gym.



follow a customized macro plan that fits your dieting needs, preferences, and unique lifestyle to make your diet easy and enjoyable to stick to.

Make your diet work WITH you,
not against you.


Periodized strength training programs designed to increase strength and
build muscle.

Mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding to get strong as hell AND look it.

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Education and practices to overcome past
self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns routed in diet culture.

Learn the TRUE methods of fat loss and body recomposition so that you can trust this process and sustain your results. 



Macro Coaching Only

▶︎ Weekly custom macro breakdowns and adjustments based on progress and preference

▶︎ Includes fat loss, reverse diet, and maintenance  phases

▶︎ Weekly check-ins with me to assess progress and receive feedback about your plan

▶︎ Mon-Friday DM access to me and private FB group for support and questions, with 1x a month coaching calls

Best for:

Someone who needs support and coaching with their nutrition only. You feel confident with your training or you'd like to focus on diet first before training.


You've been tracking macros for a while with no luck on your own and would like more direction, education, and accountability.


Macros and Workouts

The full transformation package:

▶︎ Everything included in the macro plan.

▶︎ Progressive strength and hypertrophy workout programming, 3-5x a week

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced options


▶︎ Weekly feedback and strength coaching on your workouts


▶︎ Access to private FB group page for exercise form checks, support, and 1x / month group coaching calls

Best for:

Someone ready to go all in with their transformation. You've been stressing out, trying to do all this on your own with no success.

You WANT the full package and are ready to BRING the full package. You want to get clear on how to eat and train for the body and lifestyle you desire!


What is a
"body by natalie"?

the pillars of BBN:

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End the "all or nothing" way of thinking when it comes

to your diet and foods. Eat what you want, when you want.


Set customized nutritional targets that align with your

goals, needs, and lifestyle to increase adherence.​


Gain strength through progressive programming

and training methods. 


Lose fat, build muscle, and get toned.



Learn the facts about how you should be eating and training

for your goal body. No more trying to shift through the bullshit.


Give me the stress of telling you what to do, and you just do it.

End the frustration and confusion. It ain't necessary.

You ready to transform
your body like never before?



There has been a lot of ups and downs in this journey and she has helped me though every single one.

So far I've lost 50 pounds working with Natalie. The workouts pushed me further than I could have ever imagined. They’re so much fun and bring life to the gym!

Natalie is the most supportive, patient, and kind coach I could have asked for. She’s brilliant and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. She knows the complicated science behind it and uses it to help you. She has never given up on me, even when I gave up on myself.
- Jenny

Take it from Elana:

I had started with mostly cardio and a general caloric deficit, but hit a major plateau after the first few months on my own. I added strength training to the mix but still wasn’t seeing the changes I was hoping. I definitely felt lost and overwhelmed by all the information out there and felt like it was difficult to determine what was helpful and useful versus total BS. I didn’t really have a good grasp on it all, felt caught up more in just eating to hit my cals, and didn't have the best relationship with food.


Working with Coach Nat has really helped my understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing and how it functions towards achieving my goals.


Coach Nat takes the time to explain the “why” behind things and consistently brought hard data into why things work and what’s just total misinformation. Also, having nutrition and fitness programming together was highly appealing.

I've seen progress in every area. Things continue to tighten up and I’m getting definition where I didn’t even realize I could, like my back and shoulders.

I’ve been loving the workouts. Although challenging, nothing feels so hard that I’ve felt out of my depth or set up for failure. I’ve been feeling more and more confident in the gym overall and feel like I belong there just as much as other more seasoned gym goers.

The accessibility, relatability, directness and knowledge inside BBN is amazing.

phonto 2.PNG


I decided to join the program because I was unhappy with my size. I have always been small but recently I have had to be more careful with what I put into my body.  My biggest struggle was working 3 jobs, 50 hours a week, and finding time to get my workouts and hit my macros consistently. But working with Natalie, I was able to create a routine and stick to it. I now have a better understanding of food portions, I'm more mindful about what I eat, and I get compliments saying that I slimmed down!

I really enjoyed it, and will definitely do it again before my wedding! 



Before I started working with Natalie, my method of managing my nutrition and weight was basically endless cycles of starve myself on 1200 Cal or less, lose 20 pounds, then gain it all back and plus some. I was always thinking about food, because I was honestly always hungry. I wanted to make progress with my lifts in the gym, but the lack of energy was crushing all of my gains. I NEEDED change that could be sustainable.

I also knew that of course I might be able to figure things out for myself, BUT I honestly didn’t have the experience and knowledge base that Natalie has. Not only that, I needed someone to hold me accountable for long term, which is why I decided to work with Natalie for a year rather than just 6 months (which conveniently gets me through my wedding). I have absolute peace of mind knowing that my wedding dress is going to fit on my wedding day, because I have the guidance to make that happen.

My strength has improved immensely! PR’s have been happening in the gym nonstop. However, my biggest result has been my mindset shift! I love myself more than ever, am feeling hotter than ever, and I actually look forward to wearing a bikini. And I no longer fear food. I can keep sweets in the house knowing I’m not going to binge on them because I allow myself to have dessert in moderation.


What if you could feel confident, happy, and strong in your body?


➥ Remove the guilt from eating certain foods, stop binging, and end your yoyo dieting for good.

Stop letting your macros or weight hold you back from living a fun, spontaneous, and fulfilling life.

➥ Achieve epic strength gains in the gym and see physical changes in your body at the same time.

➥ Put on an outfit without a second thought and feel great in your clothes.

➥ Not have to guess on what to do or depend on yourself 100% because you have a coach that supports and understands you.

ALL of this is possible inside Body By Natalie.



BBN inside the Trainerize app:


See your 
custom calendar
to view and 
keep track
of your daily
macro goals
and workouts.

See your breakdown of your current macro goals, step goal and anything else we're working on (water, sleep, etc)


Training programs:

View each workout 

Fill in reps and weight.

See exercise demos and past history to know what weight to choose. 


Crush the
get notified
you hit a PR,
and show off
them gains. 

Mel transformed her body and stopped binging:


Prior to working with Natalie, I was stuck in a restrict and binge cycle. I was scared to eat more than 1900 calories, doing endless amount of cardio to "make up" for my bingeing and even eating no more than 1000 calories on the days following binges.

When it came to workouts in general, I was focused on burning calories, doing hiit-style workouts, and often doing more exercises than was necessary. I was miserable and didn't see a way out.

I have truly felt so supported since signing up with her. I am officially free of even having the urge to binge, and am eating 3000 calories at the present time! Never in my life did I think this would be possible. I also have a positive mindset when it comes to the scale. It is purely data and has allowed me to realize that fluctuations are completely normal.  Finally, her gym workouts are epic and challenging. Who knew that keeping it simple would provide the results that I was hoping to see.

I am loving the fact that my legs are really growing, my hips and associated muscles are becoming more and more defined, and my waist seems smaller. I feel like clothes are actually fitting in all the right places and I'm in the best place ever regarding my body image.


 Natalie does it right. She shows you that more food is necessary not only for the gym, but for living life. She has taught me what a properly structured workout looks like and eventually I will be confident enough to replicate workouts with independence.

It has been such a positive journey for me and I feel like anyone struggling with bingeing or feeling like they always have to do more or too much cardio would greatly benefit from her approach to fitness.

Brittany is finally loving herself again:


Let me tell you, working with Natalie has been LIFE CHANGING!!! I started with her because I needed help organizing my daily workouts and adjusting my macros to be more customized to my needs and goals. I didn’t realize how important it was to be consistent with my eating and how working out didn’t have to be something I dreaded but something I actually enjoy. Her workouts had me dripping sweat too, and wanting to keep going back everyday!  


I learned that I DO NOT have to be on a fad diet to achieve the goals that I want, and she helped me to work on having a better view of myself by understanding that things won't happen overnight BUT that they will happen!

I am now 3 jean sizes down & 2 sizes down in t-shirts and I haven’t felt this great about myself in SO LONG & I owe it to her!!! I am so thrilled to continue working with her and see what great things can happen!

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have on this journey to success!! I would not be where I am without all of the knowledge she has given me and continues to give!

Carson ditched the cardio and built shape:


Through this program I have learned how to lose weight, and tone my body while eating more, and not having to do loads of cardio, which is amazing! I have lost a good bit of fat off of my body and have toned up dramatically. My arms and legs are stronger, my glutes are bigger, and my clothes fit looser.


Natalie is an excellent coach! I am so thankful and glad that I did this program with her. She has helped my attitude towards food and strength training drastically. Having her there to motivate and encourage me really helped during those weeks when results were hard to see, and I wanted to give up. She kept telling me to keep going and I am so glad we did. She was willing to help me no matter what it took and she had more confidence in the process than I did. 


She was always available and answered all my questions with patience! I'll be sad when I'll have to leave her and do it on my own but I know because of what she's taught me that I'll be ready! 

Your results are waiting, yo.

You may be thinking that you "already know what to do, you just need to do it". 
Or that you *should* be able to figure it out on your own by now, right?

Well, lemme ask you… if what you do helps you lose some weight but then you get stuck and gain it back every time you stop, is what you’re doing really “working”? If you want to keep getting the same results, keep doing the same things.

The second part requires some tough love…you know you need to do it but you haven’t been doing it. And accountability and support is a big part of what you’re getting with a coach.

If you know that you can do this and you WILL show up, but all you need is a plan and trust that what you’re doing is right…

Then I got you.

Take away the frustration and guesswork with your macros or training...


and get on a program that gives you the results, consistency, and freedom you're searching for inside BBN.

ALL of this is possible inside Body By Natalie.


$179 / month


$279 / month


is the only program that will empower you to eat more, lift heavy,
and shed fat...

in a way that has you conquer the binge/restrict cycle,
while achieving your body and strength goals in the process.

Everything included:

  • Account in Trainerize app

  • 12 month macro coaching

  • 12 month strength training programming (optional)

  • Fat loss, reverse diet, muscle building, and maintenance phases

  • Progressive workout programs based on your fitness level

- Beginner : starting at 3 days a week, build overall strength and foundational movement patterns

- Intermediate : 4-5 days a week, upper + lower body split focusing on strength and hypertrophy

- Advanced: 4-5 days a week, focus on lower body development, muscle building, and strength

  • Video demo's linked directly in program


  • Weekly check-ins with me to assess progress

  • Private BBN FaceBook group with 1x monthly Q+A calls for community, support, and to ask questions

Cancel anytime.

How it works:

  • Sign up when spots are open

  • Reoccurring payments on the date you paid (except for PIF)

  • Set up profile in Trainerize

  • Macro and/or workout programming assigned within 48 hours.

  • Macro adjustments may be made weekly.

  • Gain access to your workouts every week on app.

  • Receive progress feedback from me every week.


Ready to build a body you love?


Is there a start and end date?​

Once you sign up, we get things started ASAP. You'll get an email explaining all the next steps. You'll also receive an invite to the Trainerize app. Once you accept, you'll be assigned your first macro and/or training plan within 48 hours. From then on out, your macros are assigned every week based on your progress, and you get access to your workouts every week. 

How much support is there?

We have required weekly check-ins on Trainerize to discuss your progress and plan, reach me anytime Mon-Friday on our private DM chat, plus access to me via the Facebook group and the 1x/month LIVE trainings.

What if I want to keep going after the time is up?

Do it! You can resign up, and choose which plan will benefit you next. Continue with the macro coaching only, receive a more advanced training program, etc... Just choose the program you wish participate in!

Do I need prior experience with macros or working out?

Having at least some experience with tracking calories and lifting would be beneficial. Macro breakdowns and workouts are given based on your current level. Check out my Macro Tracking 101 Ebook if you want to join BBN but need help understanding the basics. - Highly recommend for beginners.

How do I know which workout program to choose?

When you sign up, we will choose the best program for you together! Strength training programs are created for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees and there are 3 to 5 day splits available depending on your level and availability.

Do you look at videos of my lifts in BBN?

NO. BBN does not include lift analysis. That service Is only for 1 on 1 clients.

However, if you post your lift to the FB group, I will add notes!

How often do the workouts change?

Every week you will get access to your workouts, and the workouts change each phase (every 4 weeks).

Your goal is to increase the weight depending on the workouts each week for preparation for the next phase.

Specific workouts and/or weekly modifications to programs are only given to my 1:1 clients. 

What if I need to cancel?

I get it, life happens! If you need to cancel or change your plan just shoot me an email within 30days of your next payment and we will get you taken care of. No refunds!

Still here?
Let's do this thing already!